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City Guides - The official website of the Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau of New Orleans. Along with coupons for various stores and events, and information on where to do the best shopping, you'll also get information on hotel availability, culture and background, restaurants, and the best in New Orleans music and entertainment. - Let New Orleans be your escape and explore all of its surroundings including fabulous hotels, fine dining and a exquisite nightlife! Restaurant reviews, recipes, events, and interesting food facts! Get weekly updates to festivals, events, concerts, and other happenings around town! - This guide is a great place to research your trip, and to book tours & sightseeing in advance. If you're planning to visit New Orleans, visit this first!

Restaurant Guides - The guide to New Orleans' favorite restaurants, cheap eats or gourmet foods. - Visit this site to find the best restaurants in New Orleans and surrounding areas.

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